About This Work

Logo and responsive website for a non-commercial project that I have designed in my free time. For this work, I created a custom layout based on a 16-column grid using neither frameworks, nor starting templates. All information appearing in it is fictitious, and any resemblance to real projects is purely coincidental.

For the content, I used images from wallhalla.com, and created texts by editing chunks of real content that I took from the Internet to make the pages feel more realistic. Where occasionally the text may still match any original content, I don't own any rights.

The below images show the responsive layouts for desktop and mobile devices, plus some details about the user interaction.

Desktop Device Layout

Home page, and Quick View modal window.

Quick View Modal Window

Each of the "Exclusive and Special Offers" card allows the user to get a preview of the most relevant information about a specific house.

Desktop Device Layouts

Listed houses page, and selected house page.

Tablet Device Layout

Home page, listed houses page, and selected house page.

Mobile Phone Device Layout

Home page, Search Panel and Calendar modal windows.

Mobile Phone Device Layouts

Listed houses page and Refine Panel modal window, and selected house page.