About This Work

Last 30th March 2018 I submitted my entry for the WebVR Experience Challenge organised by Mozilla and Sketchfab.
The next month, on the 30th April, my work "Epic Medieval Battle" was announced as one of the 3 winners achieving the 3rd place.

Through a series of Agile sprints, user tests, and iterations, the work included:

  • Designing the concept
  • Choosing the right music for the experience
  • Casting the characters of the two teams
  • Selecting and assigning the animations in Mixamo
  • Tweaking the animations to be in sync with the music
  • Importing and organising the animations in Blender
  • Exporting the animated 3D models to glb format
  • Coding the A-Frame scene using HTML
  • Setting the 3D scene in the virtual environment
  • Writing custom components using JavaScript
  • Merging geometries in Blender to reduce draw calls
  • Decimating faces and vertices in Blender to improve FPS
  • Styling the splash, the credits, and the thank you pages using CSS

I have designed and developed the whole project using only gaze-based interactions to make it accessible to as many people as possible. Therefore you can try this WebVR experience using any types of VR headset, from the entry-level Google Cardboard to the high-end HTC Vive.