About This Work

During my last contract at eeGeo (today WRLD), a Dundee-based 3D-mapping development company, I was asked to design the templates for the new SDK documentation. As the company completed the rebranding process during the last weeks of my contract, I implemented the new brand guidelines while using part of the old content for the API guides and examples, plus some dummy text.

Through a series of Agile sprints, reviews, and iterations, the work included:

  • Competitor analysis (Mapbox, Google, and Mapzen)
  • Collection of insights (What matters to a developer?)
  • Information architecture
  • High-detail wireframes
  • Graphic design for custom banners
  • High-detail mock-ups
  • HTML/CSS prototypes (in-browser design)

The SDK documentation layouts currently online on the client's website may differ from my designs.