About This Work

A few months after I started my last contract at eeGeo (today WRLD), a Dundee-based 3D-mapping development company, I had the opportunity to take part in a "Mapathon", their custom name for hackathon, and team up with one developer to bring to life an idea that I had previously presented during one of the weekly Art Reviews.

Considering the potential of some of the platform's features, my design concept consisted in creating a spin-off capable of displaying real-time weather conditions and daytime on the 3D map while exploring different locations, plus other relevant real-time data on a dedicated UI panel thanks to the information provided by specific APIs.

Regarding the marketing strategy, I designed this particular desktop version of the app to ideally run on kiosk devices installed at airports, so as to promote the 3D platform and boost the company's brand awareness while offering highly-engaging weather forecasts to different types of users, who would share the same needs and condition of being a Traveller.

The whole project was designed and developed in 3 days. Through a series of Agile sprints with the partnering developer, I dealt with:

  • Analysing several different weather apps
  • Designing the custom UI layout
  • Organising the information architecture
  • Creating wireframes, redlines, and mock-ups
  • Designing and exporting the assets
  • Final CSS tweaking based on in-browser rendering

The below images show some of the main features of this project.

Real-time Weather Conditions

Weather conditions and daytime at a specific destination are displayed on both the 3D map and the custom UI panel in real time.

Changing The Time Of The Day

The UI bottom bar allows the user to move forward in time to view the weather forecasts for the upcoming hours.

Disabling Daytime Mode

To better explore the 3D map, the user can disable the daytime mode and visualise the 3D map in standard view settings (Sunny, Summer).

Moving To Another City

When the user selects another destination, the daytime mode settings remain disabled.

Re-enabling Daytime Mode

To enhance the user experience, the user can re-enable the daytime settings anytime.

Moving To Another City

Again, when the user selects a different destination, the previously changed settings remain enabled.

Disabling Real-time Weather Conditions

Alternatively, the user can disable the real-time weather conditions on the 3D map and keep the daytime mode enabled.