User-centric methodology focused on understanding the real user needs. Scientifically.


Dynamic mindset aimed at delivering customised and innovative solutions. Creatively.


Unbiased perspective on usability issues to validate or highlight findings. Empirically.


Natural disposition toward product improvement as better UX design. Systematically.

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Side projects, video games, and more upon request.

Tim Jenks | Technical Lead at eeGeo

"Dan worked as a Contractor at eeGeo Ltd in 2016/17 providing User Experience and Design support. I managed Dan's contract indirectly. I was impressed by Dan's ability, his execution quality and his eye for detail. His designs were on schedule and his quality bar is high and consistent. Dan is a passionate individual, making a case for adopting User-Centric Design and pushing for process improvements. Dan can also take his designs and turn them into working prototypes, either in Flash or importantly well-executed HTML5/CSS3."

Stefano Bucci | Registrant and Admin of - Collaborator at Canoa Kayak Academy a.s.d.

"I am happy to write this letter of recommendation for Danilo. I first became acquainted with him in 2008, and, in this letter, I would like to express my respect and appreciation for this bright person, who worked for me on various projects as a marketing and communication consultant. His work included designing logos, corporate identity, and websites for and Canoa Kayak Academy a.s.d. In my opinion, Danilo has an outstanding strategic thinking, and he is a hard-working self-starter who invariably understands exactly what a project is all about. Danilo has a broad range of skills, and, based on his work, I would rank him as one of the best professionals in the field I have ever had. In particular, his knowledge of web design and web marketing helped make my web projects a great success. His sense of design made the websites look professional, friendly, and easy to navigate. Danilo works well independently and finishes his works on schedule. He is reliable and consistent in his work ethic, and has a high integrity and honesty. I am confident that Danilo will continue to be very productive, and I firmly believe in his outstanding abilities. He has my highest recommendation."

Karim Majidi | Director at Istituto Salesiano “PIO XI”

"I am delighted to be called upon as a reference for Mr Danilo Pasquariello. By this letter, I would like to express my greatest respect and appreciation for this bright young man. I certainly assess that he has great capacity. I know his dedication and love for studying during the years that he attended our school. Moreover, he has a wonderful feeling with people and great ability; he is extremely organised and reliable. I give him highest recommendation without reservation."